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Pacific Islands Aquaculture Projects

Five aquaculture projects are planned to compliment the environmental grace and beauty of the Pacific Islands, and bring an essential new industry into being.

Solomon Seas Sustainable Aquaculture Projects and Fisheries

Proposed Aquaculture Projects and Fisheries planned for P.N.G., Bougainville and Solomon Islands 2006. Splash is in the finalization stages of a combined community project in the Solomon Seas Region. Humanitarian funding places 70% of profits into local communities through infrastructure, e.g. schools, hospitals, clinics, roads, bridges etc. and training and mentoring local business. An announcement will be made shortly.

Splash Brands

Splash is keen to establish wholesale marketing and distribution centres in San Francisco and Cairns Australia once these projects are realised. Centres will be responsible for the marketing and distribution of Aquaculture products (tuna, reef fish) and general fisheries products.





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