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Forensic SEOWhat is Forensic SEO?

There is only one service available from Splash that is still available to 3rd parties, and that is Forensic SEO, which came about from years of monitoring and managing the many scoundrels of the internet that would interfere with the good ranking of Splash Websites.

Forensic SEO is a specialist Search Engine Optimisation service for high end websites that rely on their website performance for sales, but have lost their ranking to unknown means.  The process of Forensic SEO involves establishing and reporting who or what is causing the poor performance of a website e.g. Poor Design and Wording, or Competitor Black Hat behaviors such as Denial of Service Robots, Spam Links, Hacking, Server Code and other Attacks. 

The service includes the options of a Optimisation Report or Optimisation Report and Service of the work required to bring your website back into a safe, well performing place in search engines.

The end result will be the return of best ranking in free indexes and paid services.

Note:  This is a premium service, which is charged in 3 stages:
  1. Examination Stage.  We conduct a 4 hour research into your site to establish who or what is preventing your site from ranking and provide you with our recommendations.   If the solution is simple we will provide a written, easy to understand report on the solutions your site managers can take themselves, otherwise we will provide reasons to move to stage 2. which involves a more intensive study and rectification.
    Costs:  AU$1,200 + gst  Payment at time of booking
  2. Establishment Stage.  If we discover that the issues are indeed technical and criminally intended, we will conduct an intensive research to fully establish the source, then provide our technical report on what actions will be required to solve the issues, and who should be notified to enact search engine blacklisting and legal action. 
    Costs:  Via Estimate/Quotation.  (Can range between $5,000 - $15,000) depending upon the site and servers access  50% Deposit Required.
  3. Forensic SEO Service.  Splash will conduct the work required for the Examination and/or Establishment Stages.
    Costs:  Via Estimate/Quotation.  (Can range between $1,000 - $50,000) depending upon the size of site, servers and amount of work needed, which can take between a single day to several months. 





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