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Online MarketingThe Splash promotional portfolio included the first Computing and Telecommunications Software Systems that were to become the core of the Internet.    Splash was keen to apply years of marketing and technical knowledge to this new medium to establish ways to turn it into an effective marketing tool, as opposed to the spam circus it was back in 1994.

In the beginning ('90s) Australia was very much a market leader throughout the world on the internet, struggling for a leadership position amongst the estimated 2000 (!!) search engines of the time.

Splash had dabbled in technological call centers (Telemarketing) and enterprise telephony (which I have to say I hated), but looking back this knowledge that was going to be invaluable for the bad things that would emerge upon the internet in the fields of Web Design and Internet Marketing Services. 

After 13 years of running studios, we realised that our SEO skills were more profitable applied to a product or service,  so we dropped the agencies to focus upon the product marketing of our own lines.  The leading companies of today are those that have their companies positioned in the very best places on the internet.

Splash still supports a very small number of website clients and provides a very cost effective Do It Yourself Hosting & Website Service on our SplashInternet.com Service,  but our skills are now applied to our own pursuits, with the exception of the (Not Very Cheap) Service of Forensic SEO.

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