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Splash.net.au (also more recently splashmarketing.com.au) has been online since 1994,  longer than most marketing websites in the world, precedes Google and was registered 1 Year after Yahoo was formed.  Splash came into being before domain recording began in 1994, for 22 years it has shown as an unregistered site.  The sites' first home was with a Sydney hosting company called Braenet ...  a young married couple who had no time to be friendly ... I was going to learn quite quickly why most people in early technology, became total pills!  I wonder where they are now ...
Splash.net.au 22 Years  

Splash Marketing was first registered as a business in 1991 in Mosman, Sydney as part of the Australite Marketing Group, the first attempt to build a marketing consortium of several organizations.   The group included logistics, graphic design and general marketing. 

The internet was in existence and planned for great things, but had experienced it's first "dot com" failure in 1993 and was considered doomed to failure.

Australite had already assisted the launch of over 2000 products and services within Australia as a Sales Promotional concern, but Splash promoted the first database products in Australia,  which evolved quickly into the software technology that would be used to develop the world wide web.   This technological knowledge was combined with existing marketing knowledge to develop small technological call centers and install turn key enterprise CMS Software.

Splash.net.au was initially registered with Melbourne IT, Australia's first Domain Carrier in 1994 (they still manage it) the purpose at the time was really for the creator to get online into an experimental relationship program called RSVP,  to find a bloke,  but she was also keen to learn how the internet worked.

In 1996 Splash was relocated to North Queensland and went into a heavy duty study and development of Web Design, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, where Splash changed direction into the new medium of Internet Marketing and ran an Agency for 13 years. 

Web design agencies and customer servers were wound up in 2011 with the exception of now (4) four customer sites who still share our dedicated server,  where we now conduct our own product web marketing...


2016 includes a new exchange marketing services with China and the Middle East.  Splash and her partners are now actively seeking products that will sell into, and out of, these emerging countries.

22 years is too long to tell the full story here ... but I will write a book about the dramas, joys, successes and failures throughout that time, including some of the very interesting characters.






Peace For The East - Middle East Campaign

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